LadyCrooners Logo 2022 v2.png

       Velvet vocals

       Exquisite harmonies 

       Lush piano arrangements

       Vintage-Glam vibe


The Lady Crooners will captivate your audiences with a tasteful blend of ambient acoustic jazz-lounge music to soothe the soul and bring a touch of nostalgia and timeless elegance to any setting.

The Lady Crooners celebrate the most iconic vocalists from all eras (from Aretha to Adele, from Sinatra to Sade, and everyone in between) with their expressive, heartfelt (and often sassy) jazz, soul, and R&B interpretations of popular crooner hits from all eras.

The Lady Crooners are the perfect musical backdrop for intimate and large-scale events alike. Ideal for piano bars, wine bars, restaurants, café-lounge, cocktail parties, corporate events, themed events, or weddings.

The Lady Crooners work primarily as a Duo but can also expand with percussion, trumpet, sax & extra vocalists to create a larger ensemble with even more personality and pizzazz!